Lighting Services

HB NEXT has worked with multiple large power companies to perform multiple types of lighting services. Out vast knowledge of the industry coupled with our deployment capabilities, have made us a prime candidate for any major lighting project.

Service types include:

  • LED Change Out
  • Audits
  • Logistics Support
  • Pole Painting and Repair

One of the main reasons HB NEXT has been able to distinguish itself from the competition is because of its data capture and distribution capabilities. SequenceSM Asset Data Management provides a historical database that houses all data, reports and digital images made available to Electric Power provider for viewing online. A private login is provided to Electric Power providers through the SequenceSM internet site allowing progress to be viewed 24 x 7. The ability to export this information in to any desired format gives HB NEXT the ability to meet the requirements and requests of every client.

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