Load Management Services

Load Switch Installation

HB NEXT Load Management services assist Electric Power providers that are looking to reduce demand during peak hours. Although the economic analysis is sometimes very complex, in simple terms the average AC unit, based on size and SEER rating is about a 3kW load. Then determine how much a 1kW reduction in peak demand is worth based on the demand factor during peak. This simple calculation will give client’s an idea of how valuable a Load Management Switch program is worth.

Load Switch Maintenance

For currently installed Load Managment Programs that need to be maintained, HB NEXT performs the annual inspections on each switch, installs new switches if they are not working, and provides electronic data on each device.

HB NEXT uses an internet data management solution (Sequence) to capture “as found” switch data,  “as left” switch data, photos of the meter, switch, wiring and details of each site installation and maintenance visit.

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