S e q u e n c eSM | Pro

Sequence | Pro systems allow clients to take our pre-built components with standard functionality and customize them to fit their business operations.

This option provides a layer of flexibility when clients don’t want to learn a new process. Sequence | Pro molds to a client’s business rather than the other way around. Each purchased component comes with a block of customization hours that a client can use at will. Pro systems are stand-alone platforms with their own codebase and hosting site.

Additionally, Sequence | Pro systems provide the flexibility to grow with a client’s business. Custom components can be developed and “bolted on” as a company expands and operations evolve. This allows a client to consolidate existing technology platforms and paper-heavy work processes into on easy-to-use application that is accessible from anywhere, 24 / 7.

Sequence | Pro Basic Systems:

Storm Water Pro

  • Create Storm Water inspection reports
  • Track open items to completion
  • Upload supporting images to document problems and fixes
  • Manage and share project documents with the project team
  • Create daily, monthly, and water sampling inspections
  • Customizable question sets for client or regulatory specific requirements

Safety Pro

  • Create jobsite safety inspection reports
  • Track open safety items to completion
  • Create and distribute training sessions electronically and track user verification of received training (great for touching remote contractors and employees)
  • Create and track safety reprimands
  • Manage subcontractor safety (very important under OSHA’s multi-employer policy)
  • Provide electronic access to safety manuals, protocols, and field support documentation to users.
  • Credential tracking


  • Concrete Reporting
  • Lab Management
  • Field Density Testing
  • Automatic Calculations
  • Report Certification Process
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