SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

HB NEXT has a dedicated team of CPESCs that are well versed in preparing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs).

SWPPPs are a requirement of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) that regulates water quality when associated with construction or industrial activities. The SWPPP addresses all pollutants and their sources, including sources of sediment associated with construction, construction site erosion, and all other activities associated with construction activity and controlled through the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs).

The Construction General Permit (CGP), requires SWPPPs to be prepared for construction sites over one (1) acre of disturbed area (in Georgia)

A SWPPP is a fundamental requirement of storm water permits and:

  • identifies all potential sources of pollution which may reasonably be expected to affect the quality of storm water discharges from the construction site
  • describes practices to be used to reduce pollutants in storm water discharges from the construction site, and
  • helps assure compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit (when the plan is designed for the individual site, and is fully implemented)

SWPPP requirements vary somewhat from state to state, although there are fewer differences now than a few years ago because states are adopting the federal SWPPP requirements. The requirements for each state are spelled out in the storm water permit issued by your state agency. The Stormwater Resource Locator (SWRL) provides information on the SWPPP requirements for each individual state.

HB NEXT writes SWPPPs for several national and regional homebuilders. The problem in the industry is the turnaround time. Once all relevant information is received, it takes us 14-21 days to complete a SWPPP, which is much faster than the Industry average.

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