Safety coordinators are critical to keeping your employees safe and your project OSHA compliant, on schedule, and on budget. Don’t waste time recruiting and hiring – HB NEXT can provide an On-Site Safety Consultant for your project. 

On-Site Safety Consultants and Staffing Services

HB NEXT offers staffing services to solve your challenges in the short- and long-term. On-Site Safety Consultants supervise crew safety on a job site; their role is a combination of understanding legal safety requirements and aligning company workforce goals. Consultants can provide expertise, monitor working conditions, ensure rules are followed, and that employees understand safety procedures and requirements.

HB NEXT can help fill your On-Site Safety Consultant, Safety Director, and Safety Manager positions with our fully-trained Safety Consultants; each one possesses OSHA 500 & OSHA 501 credentials and are available for all shifts. 

Here are a few clients who utilized HB NEXT expertise on-site for safety projects:

Did you know HB NEXT provided On-Site Safety Consultants for the $15.9 million runway lighting project at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport? That project included the installation of 13,000 LED lights and 160,000 feet of cable, over a time span of 13 months with crews working from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Imagine tapping into that expertise on your next project.

If your On-Site Safety Consultant needs assistance with keeping your projects OSHA compliant, take a look at the HB NEXT Compliance Partner Program. This software is a dream for anyone who is trying to manage all of your project’s documentation. Headed to court? HB NEXT Legal Services will be there with you.