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Complimentary Safety Manual Review

When is the last time you updated your Safety Manual?
Does your Safety Manual reflect what type of work your company performs?
Did you know your Safety Manual can help you as much as it can hurt you? Do you know why?

Since 1999, HB NEXT has been creating and updating safety manuals for companies of all sizes. The Safety Manual is the backbone for company safety culture and processes. Everything stems from it. It used to be that the best manual was the one that made the biggest “thud” when dropped on a desk. Now, what is excluded is equally as important as what is included. Fines are being issued for companies not following procedures that they didn’t even know they had!

The importance of Custom Safety Manuals should not be underestimated. With the increase in Federal and State requirements, it is important that a safety manual conveys a clear representation of the business functions a company is performing.

HB NEXT is offering a complimentary (no charge) review of your existing safety manual to assess where your company may be harboring risk. Let us take a look, it’s complimentary.

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