safety services

Do you get nervous when OSHA shows up on your construction site? Did you know HB NEXT will show up and assist during their visit? Do you have the extra staff to assign a safety coordinator to your project? Are you conducting monthly job site inspections? HB NEXT performs these monthly for many clients. Why not for you? HB NEXT is a construction support partner whose staff has over 400 years of experience.

HB NEXT offers a variety of safety inspection services and staffing

  • Basic Safety Audit
  • Mock OSHA Safety Inspections On Your Job Site
  • On-Site Safety Coordinator
  • Site Specific Safety Management Plan

By utilizing HB NEXT inspection services, you’ll see a greater ROI and speed up your productivity. Are you headed to court over safety inspection violations? HB NEXT Legal Services are here to help you through that process. Contact us today.