Careers at HB NEXT

The construction industry is at a major turning point; HB NEXT’s software and services are enabling entirely new forms of business operations, models, workflow operations, and outcomes when it comes to how Safety, Environmental, Training, and Compliance is managed.  HB NEXT has the knowledge and expertise to help construction companies of all sizes reach their full potential.


Launch your career at HB NEXT. Bring everything you are – and become everything you want to be.

How We Got Started

Our Founder, Mark Hornbuckle, worked for 20 years as a General Superintendent with one of the largest commercial general contractors in the Southeast. He headed up many projects during that time, including Concourse ‘E’ at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport where, at its peak, he was responsible for 1,500 workers on the project. The project was completed in 1994 with no fatalities. 

Throughout his career, Mark had attended various training classes and used different construction support services. He found that, for the most part, these classes or services were being delivered by regulatory agencies, academia, or insurance companies – with very little on-the-job training. This lack of job site knowledge in classes or services propelled Mark to make a difference in the construction support industry. In 1999, Mark started HB NEXT as a construction consulting, inspection, and training company. The goal of HB NEXT was to have actual field experts train construction industry workers and support the needs of construction firms with quality safety, environmental, training, and regulatory legal services.

HB NEXT knew the value of being able to provide effective data management support to construction firms. This will increase a company’s ROI and keep employees safe.

How We Grew

HB NEXT CEO Tony Middlebrooks started his computer career in 1981 and spent his first 10 years working with one of the largest technology companies in the U.S. In 1991, Tony became involved in large-scale Software / ERP Development projects for the Telecommunications industry and, up until 1998, worked as a software design professional. With the emergence of the internet, Tony stepped out and started his own technology firm (M2 Technologies) in 1998, specializing in portal-based software solutions for nonprofit associations. This company was sold in 2001.

In 2003, Tony started working on an internet software model that would allow construction companies to better manage regulatory data associated with OSHA and EPA Stormwater rules and regulations. Two years later, in 2005, Tony and Mark took the goal of offering top-quality field data management at HB NEXT to the next level with the addition of SequenceSM, a cloud-based field data management software for safety, environmental services, training, and utility services. Since then, SequenceSM has grown and diversified into numerous other field and office management solutions.

HB NEXT and Our Expansion

HB NEXT is proud to have an extremely experienced staff, allowing for innovation and independence within each business service to meet our clients’ needs. Unlike any other company, HB NEXT has been able to develop and interconnect support services that give clients a one-stop-shop for any regulatory compliance needs or training.

HB NEXT is known nationwide as a dependable partner in the construction support industry. HB NEXT now serves clients in the courtroom with OSHA and EPA violations and penalties, along with supporting highly regarded utility companies across the U.S. HB NEXT understands your business and what resources you need to solve your problems. We are very proud of the trust our clients have placed in us; let HB NEXT take on your next challenge.

Benefits at HB NEXT

HB NEXT offers:

  • Matching 401K for full-time employees
  • Health, dental and vision insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Upward Mobility Career Path
  • Construction Training and Credentialing for all employees

HB NEXT is a national company that combines multiple verticals to support the construction industry’s need to manage Safety and Environmental compliance through proprietary based cloud software solutions and other services. No other company in the U.S. comes close to HB NEXT’s comprehensive menu of offerings.

Are you looking for a company that values innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive?  Do you want to be a part of a team that challenges you, provides opportunities for growth, and rewards you for your contributions?  HB NEXT is seeking talented individuals to join our growing team.

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