How well do you really know your self-retracting devices (SRDs)?

By: Ryan Boling, Director of Training at HB NEXT We experience countless situations in construction when reality fails to meet with our expectations; and while they do not always feel so in the moment, mostly, these situations are entirely manageable. When planning for fall hazards and worker safety on construction projects, unmet expectations relative to […]

Georgia-based Motor Carrier reduces FMCSA fines by 50 percent

For publication, HB NEXT will refer to the client as “Driver Co. (DCo.)” Based in Georgia, Driver Co. (DCo.) is a leading innovator, manufacturer, and distributor in the polyurethane industry producing goods for bedding, furniture, medical packaging, and upholstery. DCo. strives to have close relationships with customers and supply them with high quality products. After […]

CVSA Announces 2022 Roadcheck

International Roadcheck is an annual commercial vehicle initiative set forward by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The goal of the inspection program is to make sure truck, or any fleet vehicle drivers are up to date with maintenance work on their trucks for the safety of the drivers and motor vehicles around them by focusing […]

HB NEXT Partners with Vacmobile for Robust, Safe Return to Work Application

HB NEXT,, the nationally recognized workplace safety compliance company, has announced a partnership with Vacmobile Corporation, developer of globally scalable solutions to securely manage digital immunization and testing records, to add critical COVID-19 vaccine and test management to its market leading Clear2 health management solution. Together HB NEXT and Vacmobile will provide a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to manage COVID-19 protocols and compliance, providing safe […]

South Carolina’s Updated Construction General Permit: What’s New, What’s Different, and What it Means to You

As of March 1, 2021, South Carolina’s new Construction General Permit (CGP) is active! This version replaces its 2012 predecessor and contains several changes. Some of the most significant changes to the permit process include: E-Permitting: Allowances have been made for the use of the department’s E-Permitting system for the receipt of NOIs, NOTs, and […]

COVID-19 Antibody Tests: What’s the Deal?

A big part of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been testing and contact tracing: finding out who has the virus, who they may have given it to, and preventing them from spreading it. Tests have been tough to find due to short supply but we are now seeing “cheap” testing options starting to appear […]

National Safety Month Update & Promotions

National Safety Month Overview Everyone faces hazards and potential dangers in their lives. Whether you face them while working at your job or in your personal life, there is always a risk of injury. HB NEXT understands that safety is a top priority which is why we are raising awareness for National Safety Month. June […]

OSHA’s COVID-19 Changes

COVID-19 Responses With the changing ideas and growing knowledge about COVID-19, OSHA has been putting new precautions into effect. One of the first changes is making COVID-19 a required, recordable disease under OSHA’s record keeping requirements. They reversed the April 10th announcement of not requiring employers to track on-the-job COVID-19 cases. The cases only must […]

Managing COVID-19 Compliance with SafetyCloud

New Service Offerings and Complimentary Software for COVID-19 Compliance Management As a leader of workplace safety and compliance, HB NEXT has been working aggressively to create solutions that allow our Essential Services clients to continue work while managing the complexities of COVID safety.  This past week we launched on-site COVID screening protocols for 10 sites […]

Why Ethics and Attitude are the Most Effective Tools You’ll Ever Use on the Job (and, maybe, in life)

This article was featured in The Georgia Contractor’s latest issue.  Click Here to read the issue in its entirety. My exposure to construction over the past several years has been life changing. Part of this exposure, for me, was accidental. The remainder was, and continues to be, 100% of my own volition. Given my penchant […]