We all know the saying, “Safety First,” but on a jobsite, you can’t begin until you’ve conducted a safety orientation. HB NEXT has decades of experience ranging from the smallest $10,000 project to multimillion dollar corporate headquarter projects.

Options for conducting a safety orientation

  • Our staff will conduct an on-site safety orientation to ensure workers are educated to the safety rules of your company.
  • Automate the safety orientation process via our cloud-based software

No matter which option you choose, HB NEXT will get your crew up to speed on the safety of your project so you can begin.

Take a look at how HB NEXT was instrumental in getting a major subcontractor up and working on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA.

They had to bring in over 400-500 people to erect the retractable roof. Each person had to sit through a 2 hour orientation that goes over project specific safety information. The contractor wants proof of this in case of any accidents. We automated this process by building an online portal where workers can view the orientation and pass a test before or when they get to the jobsite. They come in, watch the videos, listen to and read information, take quizzes and then are issued a certificate. Everything is tracked electronically through a cloud-based software portal. 

Contact HB NEXT today and schedule your safety orientation and get your project moving. Need a specific job site Safety Manual? Let HB NEXT create your next Safety Manual.