Over the years, HB NEXT has won many awards for safety, training and workforce development. HB NEXT is committed to making a positive impact on communities by sharing their construction training knowledge.

HB NEXT selected as winner for Workforce Development Award

The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) announces the 2015 Workforce Development Award Winners. CURT announced its thirteenth Annual Workforce Development Awards and called upon the industry to continue its progress in promoting construction workforce training and recruitment across the United States and Canada. CURT is committed to give significant national / international recognition to companies and organizations that implement effective recruitment and training programs that develop first class craftsmen and managers.

The CEFGA / HB NEXT Construction Ready Program was created through a partnership of stakeholders, including government agencies, philanthropy advocates and a large consortium of construction companies. This partnership created a training centers in Metropolitan Atlanta in the summer of 2014. The training partners, CEFGA and HB NEXT, offer a boot camp style, fast-paced, construction training program, based on the NCCER’s Core Curriculum and other key industry credentials. Local residents are assessed to determine fitness for the program (literacy level, career aptitude, drug screen, background check, motivation / attitude), and are trained and credentialed over the course of 20 days and then placed in a full-time job with a local construction company. They are tracked for 365 days to determine retention, advancement and successful fit for both the graduate and the employer. As of December 2017, they have trained and credentialed 635 residents through the Construction Ready Program and placed 592 into full-time, entry level jobs, for a placement rate of 93%. The retention rate after one year is 75% as well. Take a look at the other great things this Workforce Development Program is doing.