Looking To Ease The Load Of Hiring Full-Time Environmental Oversight For Your Projects?

On-site Environmental Consultants have become essential for projects that have high exposure. When you’re under scrutiny from the EPA, you want to make sure that all compliance is tracked, maintained, and managed appropriately.  Or perhaps it’s a demand from your client.  Don’t waste time and money recruiting and hiring. Invest with HB NEXT as your environmental support partner.

On-Site Environmental Consultants And Staffing Services

HB NEXT offers staffing services to solve your challenges. Often, projects pop up, and an On-Site Environmental Consultant is required. HB NEXT fills short-term to long-term staffing positions when these needs arise.

On-Site environmental consultants supervise the construction of projects and ensure they are compliant with EPA rules and regulations. Their role is a combination of understanding regulatory requirements and communicating with the construction crews on the job. Environmental Consultants come with various credentials and certifications to fit the needs of your project, including state-specific ‘certified personnel’ credentials, such as Level 1A, 1B, or II Design Professional (GA), CEPSCI (SC), QSWMI (FL), WECS, CPESC, etc.

Additionally, all Environmental Consultants come with a Storm Cloud Portal which allows each Client to manage environmental compliance in real-time. This software is a dream come true for anyone trying to manage all of the necessary project documentation.

Typical Duties for On-Site Environmental Consultants:

  • Environmental Jobsite Management
  • Progress Meetings
  • State Permit-required Inspections and Reports
  • Water Sampling (as required)

Common Types of projects include:

  • Transmission Line Clearing
  • Pipeline
  • DOT

Don’t need someone full-time? HB NEXT also offers state-required NPDES / SWPPP Inspections.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help on your next project.