Substation SPCC Inspections

Did you know HB NEXT provides qualified environmental technicians to visit existing power utility substations to gather oil level information on voltage regulators, oil breakers, and transformers? These technicians also perform an environmental stormwater inspection on the site that includes the substation water flow, outfall, and retention/detention structures. The SPCC (Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure) inspection is required for power utility substations for the EPA.

Spill Prevention Control Countermeasure Inspections (SPCC)

The main purpose of the SPCC inspection is to record the oil levels for each piece of equipment located inside the substation containing oil and establish the total amount of oil located inside the substation. HB NEXT utilizes SequenceSM Utility Testing Software to record the field data and immediately distribute the data to the power utility company upon completion of the inspection.

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