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The Four Principles of Defense Against OSHA Citations

Length: 2 hours (In-Person)

How do you ensure that you and your company are protected from Regulatory Agencies like OSHA? What’s the best way? In this day and age, it isn’t enough to just be safe. You must also be compliant to the rules and regulations whether you know them or not. This seminar will teach you about the four ways to make sure you are protected, and it will describe the best practices within each.

Truck Dock & Warehouse Safety

Length: 4 Hours

This is a fast paced 4-hour course designed to explain in detail the OSHA regulations regarding the hazards and safety associated with truck docks and warehouses. It includes a review of 1910.21 – 30 (Walking Working Surfaces), 1910.33 – 39 (Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans and Fire Prevention Plans), 1910.95 (Noise Exposure), 1910.151 (First Aid), 1910.176 – 184 (Material Handling), 1910.301 – 399 (Electrical), 1910.1000 – 1450 (Toxic and Hazardous Substances). All Attendees will receive a student manual and certification upon successful completion of this course.

Underground – Subpart “S” Competent Person

Length: 8 Hours

This is a complete, 8-hour course designed to meet your supervisors, foremen, estimators, and workers needs in tunnel safety and applicable OSHA standards. It covers an introduction to OSHA Standards, the “Duty” of the employer, Subpart “S” General Requirements (Underground Construction), a review of Standard 1926.800, 1926.801, 1926.802, 1926.803, 1926.804 and Appendix A to Subpart S, a review of Standard 1926.21 of Subpart C (Confined Space), Standard 1910.146, and a review of Standard 1926.103 of Subpart E (Respirators), Standard 1910.134.