Complimentary Safety Program Assessment

As a construction company owner or safety manager, you know that keeping your employees safe and onsite and the equipment moving are key factors to your overall success. But when a safety issue threatens to disrupt the workflow or even shut the project down altogether, the results can be catastrophic to the business.

Having a solid safety program that reflects current laws and regulations will help you avoid OSHA citations, potential lawsuits and higher insurance rates. The problem is that many construction companies have gaps in their safety program that leave the door open to possible problems, which will take your focus away from where it should be.

At HB NEXT, we offer complimentary safety program assessments that will:

• Identify any glaring problems with your safety manual
• Evaluate your training process program to ensure it’s sufficient
• Ensure you have the proper staff in place to manage inspections and similar needs
• Determine if you are leveraging all the latest safety technology effectively
• Assess your pre-qualification program or help create one
• And more

The last thing you want is for an employee to be injured or a job to be shut down for an investigation because your safety program wasn’t up to par.

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