Complimentary Safety Training Review

If you struggle to ensure your construction teams maintain the proper training and credentials to work safely and remain in compliance, it may be time for a detailed safety training review. At HB NEXT, we offer complimentary safety training reviews that will help you avoid OSHA citations or even worse, workplace injuries that could lead to potential lawsuits.

When you schedule a FREE safety training review with us, we will cover things such as:

1 – Your Existing Safety and/or Training Program(s)
2 – Your Training Records & Documentation Process
3 – Your Organizational Chart & Personnel
4 – Your Safety & Compliance Responsibilities
5 – Goals & Objectives for your Training Program

This way, you’ll have a crystal-clear view of precisely where you are with your safety training, where you need to be and the best way to get there.

Fill out the form today to book your complimentary safety training review so we can help you take the first step toward having the safest construction sites possible.

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