BSQS&P – The Formula For Success

BSQS&P can be the difference between success and failure. Wouldn’t it be great if the budget plan aligned with the quality control process and safety program? What about the schedule of the project? Does it meet all of the demands of the different stakeholders? Are your crews frustrated  and overworked?

BSQS&P Results

With decades of expertise as superintendents, supervisors, trainers and leaders, HB NEXT CEO Mark
Hornbuckle and staff developed the model of BSQS&P to support construction firms through their projects. When companies follow this philosophy on their projects there is an increase in morale, ROI and less safety incidents.

Do you believe these five areas can be effectively managed at the same time?

  • Budget
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • People

The answer is yes! Your schedule doesn’t have to sacrifice because the cost control consultant gave an unrealistic budget. Your crews’ safety doesn’t have to impact  your people negatively or put your schedule behind. Let HB NEXT show you how to manage these areas successfully with our expertise. We have a proven track record with the BSQS&P philosophy. Through our management and leadership classes, you’ll learn how to implement this on your jobsite too.

“You cannot just think differently, you must do differently,” said Mark Hornbuckle, CEO HB NEXT.