HB NEXT is a firm built by top construction experts and software developers. Due to their industry expertise, HB NEXT knows the struggles construction firms face when trying to stay OSHA and EPA compliant. HB NEXT’s goal was to solve the difficult challenge of field data management software. In 2005, HB NEXT created SequenceSM, the industry’s first cloud-based field data management software for managing Stormwater data. Since then, HB NEXT has helped construction firms better manage their compliance data and avoid violations and penalties by utilizing SequenceSM. Did you know that HB NEXT is the #1 provider of Stormwater management software in the U.S.?

SequenceSM offers compliance modules to manage your data

SequenceSM Safety

Keep your employees safe and your construction site in OSHA compliance.

SequenceSM CMT

Tracking and managing your CMT data to ensure your project stays on track.

Partner with HB NEXT to get your field compliance data management on track. Over 25,000 client users are using SequenceSM to stay compliant. Did you know HB NEXT clients who’ve used SequenceSM have never lost a legal case? SequenceSM can be fully customized to meet your date collection and reporting needs. Need a software license of SequenceSM, just Ask HB NEXT and we’ll customize a solution for you.