About Us

HB NEXT Corporation was founded in 1999 as a Construction Consulting, Inspection & Training Company. The company is privately held by Mark Hornbuckle and Tony Middlebrooks. It has been able to manage and grow year over year since 1999. Mark Hornbuckle worked for 20 years with one of largest Commercial General Contractors in the southeast as a General Superintendent. He headed-up many projects including Concourse ‘E’ at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport where at peak, he was responsible for 1,500 workers who were striving to complete the construction of the project. The project was completed in 1994, and there were no fatalities on the project. Throughout his career Mark attended safety training classes and for the most part all of these classes were being delivered by academia and insurance company instructors that had never stepped foot on a jobsite. We understand that all training is good, but the training was not interactive and the instructor did not have any personal stories to relate to the students. The goal of getting a credential was met, but the student experience was laborious to say the least.

This is where HB NEXT began its journey by offering an alternative approach to how safety training is presented, received and implemented. All HB NEXT instructors must have construction field experience prior to teaching a single class. They must also go through a HB NEXT boot camp before they can teach a class. The purpose of this is that HB NEXT runs its training classes just like a construction site and this includes start times, breaks and end times that are used by 90 plus percent of the construction companies in the US. Instructors are to be set up and ready to teach 30 minutes prior to the class start time and each instructor must adhere to the HB NEXT protocols. All course design is built through a collaborative effort between our Master Instructors and the Instructor / Consultants. The purpose of this process is to create identical course content that will not change when taught by multiple instructors. The only thing that changes is the instructor and their personal stories. Everything else is identical from class to class.

HB NEXT Consulting, Inspections and Training started in 1999. In 2005, HB NEXT Sequence was launched by Tony Middlebrooks. Tony started his Computer career in 1981 and spent his first 10 years working with one of the largest technology companies in the US. In 1991 Tony became involved in large scale Software / ERP Development projects for the Telecom industry and up until 1998 worked as a software design professional. With the emergence of the World Wide Web Tony stepped out and started his own technology firm (M2 Technologies) in 1998 specializing in portal based software solutions for non-profit associations. The company was sold in 2001. In 2003 Tony started working on an Internet software model that would allow construction companies to better manage regulatory data associated with OSHA and EPA Storm Water rules and regulations and in 2005 launched HB NEXT Sequence a Cloud Based Regulatory Management solution. Since 2005, Sequence has grown and diversified into numerous other field and office management solutions.

Along with Sequence, HB NEXT has diversified its operations and established 5 unique business Units:

Consulting, Inspections, Training, Technology, and Utilities Services. HB NEXT has been afforded an extremely experienced set of personnel which has allowed for great expansion and independence within each unit. Unlike any other company, HB NEXT has been able to develop an interconnected web of services that support each other and allow for clients to have a “one-stop-shop” for any regulatory compliance need.

Consulting – Inspections – Training – Technology – Utility Services