Sequence | Compliance Cloud is a subscription-based solution that eliminates up-front costs and long development cycles.

The Compliance Cloud platform allows customers to utilize some of our most popular components. Sequence | Compliance Cloud offers a full suite of online reporting and management options including a built in dashboard to manage users, projects and other administrative tasks.

Although customization is minimal, this option comes with the fastest deployment time and the ability to “pay-as-you-go”. Clients are able to get their business up and running on the new system within a few days.

Compliance Cloud Components & Features:

1. Stormwater Reporting and Management

  • Create Stormwater inspection reports
  • Track open items to completion
  • Upload supporting images to document problems and fixes
  • Manage and share project documents with the project team
  • Create daily, monthly, and water sampling inspections
  • Customizable question sets for client or regulatory specific requirements

2. Safety Reporting and Management 

  • Create jobsite safety inspection reports
  • Track open safety items to completion
  • Create and Distribute training sessions electronically and track user verification of received training (great for touching remote contractors and employees)
  • Create and track safety reprimands
  • Manage Subcontractor Safety (very important under OSHA’s new multi-employer policy, click HERE if you want more information about this law)
  • Provide electronic access of safety manuals, protocols, and field support documentation to users
  • Credential Tracking

3. Asset Management

  • Track company assets and values
  • Assign and verify received assets by company users
  • Manage equipment storage
  • Manage fleet vehicles and vehicle equipment
HB NEXT offers a complimentary trail for all Sequence Compliance Cloud Components. Try it Free for 30 days!

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