HB NEXT Partners with Vacmobile for Robust, Safe Return to Work Application

HB NEXT, www.hbnext.com, the nationally recognized workplace safety compliance company, has announced a partnership with Vacmobile Corporation, developer of globally scalable solutions to securely manage digital immunization and testing records, to add critical COVID-19 vaccine and test management to its market leading Clear2 health management solution. Together HB NEXT and Vacmobile will provide a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to manage COVID-19 protocols and compliance, providing safe environments for employees, customers, visitors, and students.

Vacmobile is a HIPAA compliant, private, voluntary digital app to certify your personal vaccination status. Vacmobile is transforming the way immunization records are managed, eliminating paper-based processes with an easy-to-use mobile app and platform. All vaccination records are certified and stored in a digital vault that offers access to records in a safe, HIPAA-compliant manner. This approach makes it easy to create a certified digital record to voluntarily share with employers, educational institutions and other third-parties that require or request proof of vaccinations.

The Clear2 solution by HB NEXT is a full-featured health management solution that employs a simple mobile application in conjunction with a robust, cloud-based administrative portal allowing organizations quick and easy access to data and analytics across all locations and populations. The HB NEXT Clear2 powered by Vacmobile platform simplifies compliance and helps mitigate risk by enabling enterprises to quickly conduct contact tracing and produce electronic compliance records.

“Our new partnership with Vacmobile will allow HB NEXT to continue our commitment to providing customers worldwide with the most advanced tools for safety compliance measurements,” said Tony Middlebrooks, CEO of HB NEXT. “We recognize that validated COVID-19 vaccinations and test results will be an important component of risk-mitigation for corporate, healthcare and educational settings.”

“As an early adopter, we have relied on Clear2 mobile app and administrative dashboard to help us maintain a safe environment for our employees and clients for over 9 months.  We are very excited for HB NEXT’s recent partnership with Vacmobile and their overall plans to incorporate vaccine management capabilities into the Clear2 platform.  We have made the Clear2 process integral to our ongoing operations and it is encouraging to see the product continue to evolve with the market,” said Michael Bohling, President and CEO, HLB Gross Collin, P.C.

The combination of Vacmobile with HB NEXT will give businesses access to a robust set of features including:

  • Self-attestation surveys
  • Temperature screenings
  • Contact tracing
  • Verification of valid test results
  • Verification of valid vaccination credential

“As we return to normalcy in a post-pandemic era, consumers need a way to safely store and share their vaccination credentials and/or provide on-demand proof of negative COVID-19 tests. To properly manage risk, enterprises will need to set target goals for immunity and have a mechanism for measuring the stats within their own ecosystems,” said Jennifer Sparks, CEO of Vacmobile. “Our collaboration with HB NEXT will streamline data management for both consumers and enterprises and add value to the workplace safety solution trusted by many national brands, such as DR Horton, KB Home, The Southern Company, Goodyear and more.”


HB NEXT leads the industry in providing innovative workplace safety solutions. For over 20 years HB NEXT has worked alongside C-Level Executives and Stakeholders to mitigate risk in the areas or OSHA, DOT and EPA compliance.  Its cloud software solutions have been designed by industry veterans with productivity in mind. Their solutions create transparency and accountability across organizations, reducing compliance related risk and operational costs. Some of their key solutions include:

  • Software Enabled Managed Safety Services
  • Virtual
  • On-Site
    • Safety Staffing
  • Part Time
  • Full Time
  • Temporary
    • Safety Program Design and Implementation
    • Consulting, Inspections, Training and Legal Services
  • Automated Employee and Safety Orientations

Visit www.hbnext.com for more information

About Vacmobile Corporation

Based in the Atlanta metro area, Vacmobile Corporation is delivering an end-to-end digital solution for managing immunization records. Operating at the center of government, industry, and technology, Vacmobile makes it possible to obtain, store and transmit certified digital vaccination records and COVID-19 test results all from a smartphone. Through its soon to be released free mobile app, individuals can manage their vaccination history and voluntarily share records with third parties for physical access to educational, healthcare, corporate campuses and for travel. The private and secure, Software as a Service (SaaS)-based platform also enables enterprises to maintain compliance with public health regulations and allows employees, customers, healthcare professionals, students, and teachers to safely return to work and school.

Visit www.vacmobile.app for more information

SOURCE Vacmobile Corporation; HB NEXT

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COVID-19 Antibody Tests: What’s the Deal?

A big part of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been testing and contact tracing: finding out who has the virus, who they may have given it to, and preventing them from spreading it. Tests have been tough to find due to short supply but we are now seeing “cheap” testing options starting to appear on the market. Some medical professionals claim that inexpensive tests are inaccurate – and maybe even dangerous because of the risk of incorrect results.

In some ways, this is true; cheap antigen tests are often only tested on samples with a high viral load. That means there’s a LOT of virus in the sample, making it easier to trigger a positive result. Or they are only tested on patients who actually have symptoms of COVID-19. That’s not a great indicator either, since they’re not testing asymptomatic people too. The FDA has giving Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) out all over the place to try and combat the spread of the virus, allowing less-than-accurate testing to enter the field. This creates confusion about the veracity of results and more fear among people.

So what about the Clarity COVIBLOCK Rapid Tests that HB NEXT is now selling?

COVIBLOCK Rapid Test Kit

COVIBLOCK Rapid Tests have been shown to be 95% accurate, virtually eliminating false results. At about $32/test kit, they’re very affordable for the average business or consumer. The tests are manufactured in Finland by American company Clarity Diagnostics. They check for both IgG and IgM COVID-19 antibodies to help determine whether or not the patient has been infected (here’s a great explanation of IgG and IgM antibodies). Remember how those other “cheap” tests have primarily been tested on samples with high viral load? We know that in real life, businesses need reliable results even when counts are low in a sample, or when a patient doesn’t have any symptoms. The COVIBLOCK can do all that – and can give you results in about 10 minutes.

HB NEXT is now selling COVIBLOCK test kits in boxes of 20 for $640 (plus shipping); that’s about $32 per test and you can order online. Your employee health nurse or another qualified medical professional should be the person administering the tests to employees. HB NEXT can help with this if you don’t have a nurse on staff by providing one for you! This is a full-service offering to help keep your business up and running as you navigate this wild ride. Combined with our Clear2 mobile app and thermal scanning kiosk, COVIBLOCK Rapid Tests can get you back to what you do best.

We’ve got your back; let us know how we can help you.