HB NEXT Expands Workforce Development to Bermuda

HB NEXT Expands Workforce Development to Bermuda

Atlanta, GA:  HB NEXT, a construction compliance and support services firm, is excited to announce they have been asked by Bermudian workforce development government officials to train citizens for careers in construction. Bermuda is working on many important construction projects, including a new international airport, with projects for new hotels and a new convention center not far behind. In response to these needs, HB NEXT is deploying a seven-week program for structural steel/ironworker training, which will aid in creating a sustainable construction workforce in Bermuda.  Upon conclusion of the structural ironworking program this summer, HB NEXT will then set course towards the expansion of their award-winning, metro Atlanta-based workforce development program Construction Ready. They will work closely with a local university in Bermuda to provide entry-level training and skills for new construction workers.  Seeking to replicate the workforce development efforts and the example set by the Construction Ready program, Bermuda is looking to HB NEXT to train and develop their local college educators; these, in turn, will train students in preparation for placement into entry-level construction opportunities on the island.

Bermuda’s population is approximately 65,000 people, with an unemployment rate of 6%.  The country is going through a rapid construction boom.  Projections indicate over 400 available jobs on the international airport project alone.  With HB NEXT’s Workforce Development Programs, Bermuda residents will be able to learn a skill, earn credentials and become readily employable in the construction industry.  Bermudian officials project that 30% of those unemployed will be able to join this program.  This will reduce the unemployment rate and enable the use of (local) skilled labor for the ongoing development and maintenance of their communities.

Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs, the Hon. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, commented, “This is another initiative that the Department of Workforce Development and the Construction Association of Bermuda have successfully implemented to equip and train Bermudians for jobs in the industry.  Based on the findings of the team, it was determined that more local credentialed Structural Steel Erectors are required in Bermuda. This opportunity serves to minimize the issuance of work permits over time. Upon completion of the program, participants will be in a stronger position to apply for work opportunities. The demand for credentialed professionals today is unprecedented.  Local and overseas organizations are placing greater emphasis on the importance of certifications. These individuals will undoubtedly become pace-setters and role models to their peers in the industry.“

As the HB NEXT program grows among citizens in Bermuda, it will expand into other trade skill areas such as drywall, carpentry, reinforcement steel and other essential construction specialties.  HB NEXT CEO Mark Hornbuckle commented, “We are very excited and honored to assist the country of Bermuda with bringing our Workforce Development Program to their country.  It is great to see this program change people’s lives and communities grow together.  Our team will work to ensure these students are trained and equipped with the necessary skills and safety training to perform their job with confidence and quality work. We’ve been successful here in the Atlanta metro area training people and placing them into construction jobs.  We know our formula can be successful in Bermuda as well.”

HB NEXT is known nationally as the number one partner for compliance and construction support services.  With over 200 years of experiences, the teams at HB NEXT are experts in safety, environmental, training and utility services.  They offer compliance software and legal services to keep your projects compliant and on track.  HB NEXT is a strong force in training and expanding workforce development programs.

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