HB NEXT maintains In-House Counsel to assist clients in the area of Legal Consulting. Areas of practice include compliance with Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service regulations, labor and employment, workplace and retirement benefits, and tax and business planning. Extensive litigation experience includes appellate courts as well as state and federal trials and administrative hearings.

Once an OSHA Citation is received, immediate action is required!

There are only fifteen business days to contest an OSHA citation. Failure to contest a Citation not only means having to pay the penalty, it may also restrict your ability to get new contracts, as well as increase your workers compensation and liability insurance rates.

HB NEXT regularly represents clients nationwide at all stages of OSHA citations, from post OSHA Inspection Investigation, to informal conference at OSHA area offices, through formal hearing and appeals.

HB NEXT assists in preparing a prompt and knowledgeable response for an informal conference with OSHA. With proper preparation, Citations can be, and often are, withdrawn entirely without having to file a Contest or attend a costly hearing.

Even if the Citation is not satisfactorily resolved at an informal conference and a Contest must be filed, HB NEXT provides knowledgeable and thorough hearing preparation, trial, and follow through. This can result in substantially reduced penalties, if not the complete vacating of the Citation.

Do not delay! Proactive preparation is key. The best chance for success is when HB NEXT is notified the day you receive the Citation.

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