HB NEXT pioneered the need for Mock OSHA inspections and has been providing them for construction companies across the US since 1999.

– How well would your company do if OSHA showed up at your job site, plant or office?

– What’s really happening when the site safety coordinator, superintendent or foreman are not on the job?

– As the “controlling contractor” of the project, do you know if your subcontractors are in compliance?

Mock OSHA Inspections are third-party audits which include:

  • A comprehensive report that documents and itemizes the OSHA standard violation
  • Interviews of employees and subcontractors and verification of orientation of job site rules, emergency action plan, location of SDS, etc.
  • Verification of valid certifications required; “Competent Person” training; safety training; job site “Frequent and Regular inspections”; and, availability of required paper work and documentation.

HB NEXT Mock OSHA inspections provide an unbiased view of companies, vendors and subcontractors. This includes identifying that specific training and credentials are in place and that each job site has all items needed for it to be in compliance.

HB NEXT Consultants use Sequence to document all findings during the site visit. Once the report is completed and reviewed by HB NEXT Management, it is instantly e-mailed directly to the designated client representative for review. Additionally, the report is available online 24 / 7 / 365.

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