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HB NEXT has been providing Safety Manuals to companies of all sizes since 1999. The company Safety Manual is the backbone of a company’s safety program, and it should be used as a guide for implementing and managing. All manuals include everything a company needs, and excludes everything it doesn’t need. It used to be that a company’s safety program was judged by the “thud” it made when dropping it on a desk. Today, having excess protocol can be equally detrimental when faced with OSHA citations. Manuals are customized to reflect the needs of the individual company and to focus on the particulars associated with each service, industry or trade.

HB NEXT offers 2 types of Safety Manuals:

1. OSHA Compliant

This manual is compliant with OSHA Standards and is tailored to a company’s operations and activities. HB NEXT Consultants are experienced in all construction and general industry fields. During the design of each manual, industry experts educate and consult with clients on best practices and options for protecting their company’s employees and assets.

2. Pre-Qualification Compliant
This manual is compliant with OSHA standards and is tailored to a company’s operations and activities and includes all the necessary protocols to meet or exceed safety standards to be ISNetworld, Browz, PICS or PEC Premier compliant. This is a great option for anyone who needs a solid foundation for beginning the arduous pre-qualification process. This is a manual only. If you need help becoming “qualified” or on-going management and update assistance, please contact us for more information or visit our Pre-Qualification page to learn more.

Already have a Safety Manual?  HB NEXT can assist with the OSHA required annual review and update to ensure OSHA compliance is maintained.

HB NEXT offers a Complimentary Safety Manual Review!

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