S e q u e n c eSM | Custom

Sequence | Custom serves as a hybrid between ground-up Agile Development and Sequence | Pro. With this option, a client receives the full flexibility of custom development work, without the high-cost and long development time of traditional custom software development.

Clients are able to choose an assortment of pre-made functions derived from an extensive list of basic modules. Then, HB NEXT molds them together to meet any client specific requirements.
This option is best suited for clients who need a significant amount of customization, have unique business processes or want to “pick and choose” a variety of Sequence’s many features. Clients can tour HB NEXT’s library of pre-built modules and creatively customize to no end.

Component Functions Include:

Asset Management
Storm Water
Daily Reporting
Sales Manager
EC-1 Reporting
Utility Services Tracking
Permit Management
Task Based Scheduling
Online Training
Time Sheets
Mileage Logs
Credential Tracking
OSHA Forms
Subcontractor Management
Construction Material Testing
Process Management
Site Inspections
Open Item Tracking

Like with the Sequence Pro platforms, clients can migrate other technology systems and manual workflows to Sequence for a one-stop-shop for all reporting and management needs.

HB NEXT offers in-depth demos both Online and In-Person.

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