If OSHA or EPA shows up on your construction site, do you know how to handle the visit? If there is an accident on the job site, do you know what you should and shouldn’t say? HB NEXT has the staff expertise to handle these situations for you, plus provide courtroom representation.

Our general counsel represents clients nationwide

HB NEXT represents clients in the following areas:

  • Before regulatory agencies and courts at all stages
  • Post inspection investigations
  • Agency informal conferences
  • Hearings
  • Trials
  • Appeals

HB NEXT also assists clients and their regular outside counsel with

  • Litigation support in workplace labor
  • Workers compensation
  • Personal injury cases

HB NEXT is unique in its ability to combine in-house counsel with substantial field experience of our consultants, offering legal representation at approximately half the cost of a law firm counsel. At HB NEXT, our goal is to help keep your company out of the courtroom.

In 2005, HB NEXT was the first in the marketplace with Sequence℠, a cloud-based field management software. This software was designed from the courtroom to the field to ensure our clients are OSHA compliant and can defend their situation in court. For clients utilizing Sequence℠, none has lost a case in court.

HB NEXT is your support partner who can reduce your courtroom drama and save your budget. Imagine if we could save you $2.2 million dollars on your project like we did this client.

HB NEXT was able to save a national construction client under a federal Consent Decree approximately $2.2 million dollars by reducing staff wages and violation costs. Within 1 year, the client reduced their management staff needs to 1 environmental manager. Within 3 years, the client was released from their 5 year consent decree due to outstanding performance and record keeping which reduced their ongoing CD related fines and charges. This client also saw a reduction in open items subject to violation by approximately 80% in 3 months.

Success in litigation cannot accurately be measured by a Won-Loss record, as the attorney must accept the facts of the case as presented. Often, the toughest cases are brought to the most experienced counsel. When confronted with facts where liability is clearly apparent, a case is successfully and satisfactorily resolved if the damage is limited. Some examples include:

  1. Reduction of the penalty classification from Willful to Serious— a cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars.
  2. Elimination of a Repeat Classification – also saves tens of thousands of dollars.
  3. Negotiating the withdrawal of some of the citations proposed by OSHA after a jobsite inspection.

Sometimes the only option is to negotiate the best settlement possible and follow it with an aggressive safety training, inspection and enforcement program to enable the client to be better prepared to defend the next citation.

Some cases never get to litigation. By knowing what evidence to bring to an Informal Conference, and taking the steps in advance so as to have the correct evidence, HB NEXT has successfully negotiated for the complete withdrawal of the citation.  Take a look at a few of our court cases.

Don’t face the courts alone. Contact HB NEXT and let’s keep your employees safe, your project on track and under budget.