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Built for Experts, by Experts

You have accounting programs to manage your money and project management applications to keep you on schedule, but how do you manage the rest of your operations?


Things like:

  • Safety Documentation
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Employee Credential Records
  • Company Training
  • Onboarding Management
  • Employee Orientations
  • Environmental Reporting Requirements
  • Simple CRM
  • Asset Management

An operational management system (OMS) for construction companies can reduce those paper and labor heavy process nightmares to automated functions of a management bliss.

This system is not a shared environment; it’s your own private company platform.  A private branded, fully customizable platform that molds specifically to your business but at a fraction of the cost of most custom software platforms.

How Do We Do It?

We don’t have to build from scratch.  We already know what you need, so our base modules come with about 80% complete and have proven work processes.

How Do We Know What You Need?

It’s simple; we know you because we are you.

Our software is designed for industry experts by industry experts.  We have seasoned veterans with real field experience in these specific industries at our disposal.   That access to expertise gives our software team the direction to make these modules shine in the office AND in the field.

Our experts make sure our modules come complete with about 80% of what we already know you need.  The other 20% can be customized to fit your individual company workflows because we also understand that no two businesses are exactly alike!

A SequenceSM OMS system is alive.  You can add new modules from our wide selection of “pre-fabricated” solutions or design your own from scratch.  It’s your operational management solution, no matter what that operation may be.

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