As a support partner for the construction industry, HB NEXT knows the value of being able to track Construction Materials Testing (CMT). CMT is a time sensitive matter. HB NEXT Sequence℠ solves this problem by connecting field technicians that perform work on a job site to the company’s testing Lab. Once, the lab testing results are complete, Sequence℠ sends an automatic pass / fail alert to all parties involved. Sequence℠ | CMT is the most robust application in the market for connecting the field, lab and contractors together so everyone is on the on the same page with the progress of the project.

Sequence℠ CMT Data Management Software Overview

  • Scheduling per ICC Schedule of Special Inspections
  • Concrete & Grout Sampling Management
  • Concrete Mix Design Database
  • NPDES Inspections & Turbidity Reporting
  • Earthwork, Foundation & Subgrade Inspections
  • ICC Reinforced Concrete Inspections
  • ICC Masonry Inspections
  • ICC Structural Steel Inspections
  • ICC Wood Framing Inspections
  • Customization reporting (forensic, activity tracking, meetings, observations report, etc.)
  • Open items tracking
  • Instantaneous reporting including draft reporting

Ask HB NEXT to demonstrate how using CMT Sequence℠ can streamline your field work process and increase your customers productivity.