HB NEXT knows how difficult it is to track safety inspections, employee training credentials, safety training sessions and manage subcontractor safety, not to mention the required OSHA 300 record keeping. In 2005, HB NEXT was one of the first in the marketplace to develop a cloud based safety management software application, which is called Sequence℠. Just imagine, your data is housed in a SAAS application and is accessible in the field and the office. Sequence℠ was built by industry professionals who know the struggles construction firms face and the OSHA pitfalls. With Sequence℠, your reporting is just a click away. HB NEXT can also assist you with your 300 OSHA Cloud.

Sequence℠ software features for safety reporting and management

  • Create jobsite safety inspection reports
  • Track open safety items to completion
  • Create and distribute training sessions electronically and track user verification of received training (great for touching remote employees)
  • Create and track safety reprimands
  • Manage Subcontractor Safety (very important under OSHA’s multi-employer policy)
  • Provide electronic access of safety manuals, protocols, and field support documentation to users
  • Credential tracking

HB NEXT offers Sequence℠ at a monthly subscription rate. Don’t worry about development time and dealing with customization issues, HB NEXT can have your firm up and running in 24-48 hours.

Custom License

HB NEXT offers a custom license to firms who need a custom solution. HB NEXT has created a unique solution for many national construction companies.

Full Custom Development

HB NEXT offers a full custom development module of Sequence℠ for clients who’d like to have their work and business processes programmed into different functions or to meet client specific requirements. This is a great option for clients who need a significant amount of customization.

Sequence℠ was designed to help you defend your courtroom cases with the proper documentation and reports. Are you headed to the courtroom over an OSHA violation? Utilize HB NEXT Legal Services as your expert to defend your case.