Are your employees thinking about safety or compliance every day when they’re on your construction site? When you’ve trained them, did they really buy into “this isn’t just a checklist” mentality? Did they buy into their own safety? Are your employees up to date on their required training or credentials?

Top-notch safety training

HB NEXT offers over 100 classes written by CEOs, superintendents, safety directors and trainers who know the construction industry. From the field with over 400 years of experiences, they’ve seen the accidents. They bring that knowledge to the classroom to ensure your employees don’t make the same mistakes. HB NEXT trainers are nationally credentialed thru NCCER, OSHA, Medic 1 Aid, etc. HB NEXT is also known as a NCCER workforce development leader.

Safety Curriculum Highlights

  • OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour classes
  • CPR / 1st Aid classes
  • Competent Person classes
  • Seminars, Awareness an Refresher classes
  • Custom training packages available
  • On-site training or local classroom anywhere in U.S.
  • Lower cost than national competitors

Don’t leave the safety training of your employees to an inexperienced trainer. Get the best training for your employees. Ask HB NEXT today for your next class. Don’t forget to ask about your Safety Manual too.

HB NEXT gets your crews Trained, Credentialed and Back to Work!