CVSA Announces 2022 Roadcheck

International Roadcheck is an annual commercial vehicle initiative set forward by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The goal of the inspection program is to make sure truck, or any fleet vehicle drivers are up to date with maintenance work on their trucks for the safety of the drivers and motor vehicles around them by focusing on one category of truck parts each year.

This 72-hour event in Mexico, Canada and the United States will run from March 17-19, 2022, and will focus on wheel ends. Here’s what truckers need to know.

During International Roadcheck, law enforcement will primarily conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.

  1. Make sure your drivers have the proper credentials before departing for the day.

  2. Make sure drivers are conducting a thorough pre-trip inspection before going out on the road including:
    • Check for cracks or unseated locking rings, studs, or clamps.
    • Check for bent, cracked or broken rims on the inside and outside wheel rims.
    • Check for loose, broken, missing or damaged wheel fasteners and elongated stud holes.
    • Check spoke wheels for cracks across spokes and in the web area or slippage in the clamp areas.
    • Check the hub for lubricant leaks, missing caps, or plugs.
    • Check the inner wheel seal for leaks.
    • Check the tire and valve stem for leaks.
    • Check for proper inflation, cuts, and bulges on all tires, including the inside tire on a dual set.
    • Check for regrooved tires on steering axle.
    • Check tread wear and measure major tread groove depth.
    • Inspect the sidewall for improper repairs, such as tire plugs.
    • Check for exposed fabric or cord.
    • Check for tire contact with any part of the vehicle.
    • Check for markings on the tire that would exclude its use on a steering axle.
    • Check for debris between the tires.
    • Check for tires touching one another or any part of the vehicle.
  3. On the company side, make sure your operating authority is up to date including:
    • UCR
    • MCS 150
    • Clearinghouse Registration
    • Insurance

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