BSQS&P Explained

HB NEXT’s consulting is based on BSQS&P (Budget-Schedule-Quality-Safety-&-People). Our expertise has led us to find and recommend corrective action based on BSQS&P. That is why every decision we make is based on this philosophy.

These next 4 examples will give you a better understanding:

1. Construction Industry

As a new professional getting into the construction industry, all they hear today is Safety is number 1… Safety is number 1… SAFETY IS NUMBER 1! After a while, a person would think that the Budget, Schedule, and Quality are number 2. We don’t want that now, do we?

2. Business Owners

How about the business owner who has to hire a variety of “Business Consultants”?

First, he hires a Budget Consultant who comes in and says, “There is NO WAY you can afford to work overtime on this job.”

Next, in comes the Schedule Consultant who tells the business owner, “You have to work 7 days a week to finish this job!”

After that, the Quality Consultant comes in and says “I don’t care how long it takes. You have to ensure to meet this specification!”

Then, here comes the Safety Consultant…and what do you think they say? “SAFETY is number 1! Who cares about budget or schedule? PEOPLE’S LIVES ARE AT STAKE!”

After all is said and done, here comes the HR Consultant to tell you that “You need to take care of the people.”

We are the BSQS&P Consultant. Rather than looking at one narrow perspective, we tackle issues with knowledge of what will be best as a whole.

3. Legal Issues

HB NEXT has the unique ability to look at legal issues unlike any other consulting company. After a fatality or a citation, everyone always says they “could not get the individual to do it safely”.

The opposing attorney says:

“How did you get them to meet your budget and cost? What did you do when you found a contractor working without an approved change order? You stopped the work!

What if you found them working in the wrong flow or the wrong sequence, not meeting your schedule? You stopped the work!

What did you do if you found them painting the wall the wrong color or using the wrong material, not meeting quality standards? You stopped the work!

But you could not get them to do it safely?! NO, you could have used the same methods for BSQ to get Safety completed.”

4. Field Supervisors

Walk up to any Field Supervisor and ask them, “Who is in charge of this job?” He will proudly pat his hand on his chest and say, “I am. This is my job.”

However, when the Manager / Owner says…

…“I need to talk to you about a budget problem”
Supervisor says: “I did not bid or price it!”

…“I need to talk with you about a Schedule problem”
Supervisor says: “I didn’t say I could get it done in that time frame!”

…“I need to talk with you about a Quality problem”
Supervisor says: “I can’t see it from my house!”

…“I need to talk with you about a Safety problem”
Supervisor says: “That’s the Safety Coordinator’s Job!”

…“I need to talk with you about a Personnel problem”
Supervisor says: “That is the Human Resources job!”

At this point, what is left to be, “in charge” of?  The water barrel?

NO… you are in charge of BSQS&P!

HB NEXT gets it… and that is why we base every decision, recommendation, and solution around the philosophy of BSQS&P.

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