GA NPDES Electronic Permit Submittal Requirements

The new Georgia NPDES General Construction Permits for Storm Water Discharge will become effective August 1, 2018.  While much of the permit remains the same, there are some important and major changes that will occur.  The one new requirement that will affect all permittees is the electronic submittal of all permits.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has developed an online portal for submitting NPDES permits (Notice of Intents, Notice of Terminations, and Storm Water Sampling Reports) to comply with the Federal EPA NPDES construction permit. The site can be found by  CLICKING HERE.

How does this affect you? All permittees will have to register with GEOS and set up and account as a Responsible Official (RO). This is regardless if you actually do the NPDES permit filing. If you contract with a consultant to the filing on your behalf, you can still use a consultant (or preparer) to do your filing. However, you will have to initiate the filing and notify your preparer that there is a permit ready to be completed and filed.

Not only does the GEOS system fulfill the EPA requirements, but also it makes filing permits faster and easier (no more certified mail, return receipts). Additionally, it also creates an online portal to search and find previously filed permits.

For more information, you can visit the following links:

Video tutorial: CLICK HERE

How to set up an Responsible Officer (RO) account: CLICK HERE

How to File an NOI: CLICK HERE


If you have further questions about permit filing or need assistance with NPDES / SWPPP Inspections, please call us or Contact Us through our website.

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