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HB NEXT Congratulates Bermuda Graduates

HB NEXT would like to congratulate nine individuals from the country of Bermuda for successfully completing the HB NEXT seven-week NCCER Structural Steel Ironworker training program. Bermuda is experiencing a tremendous boom in their construction projects and has a work-force shortage of skilled and credentialed workers. Officials in Bermuda asked HB NEXT to train their citizens for careers in construction. Bermuda officials project 30% of those unemployed will be able to join this program. Now HB NEXT will expand their course offers and will begin working with the local university in Bermuda to provide entry-level training and skills. The program will expand to offer trade skills in areas such as drywall, carpentry, reinforcement steel and other essential construction specialties.

“With these credentials, HB NEXT has given us, now I think I’m in a better position to provide for my family and for that, I’m grateful,“ commented student Barry Walkes. Students attended class daily and trained receiving practical hands-on experience at jobsites in various areas ensuring they had a thorough understanding of the skills. “As we worked through it, I could see the confidence building every week. When they got here, they came in as nine individuals. Today, they leave as a team. They became a strong group over the course of seven weeks. They are going to do great things in the construction industry,” said Raymond Scott, Senior Instructor / Consultant.

HB NEXT is known nationally as the number one partner for compliance and construction support services. With over 200 years of experience, the teams at HB NEXT are experts in safety, environmental, training, software and utility services. HB NEXT has received awards for their metro Atlanta-based workforce development Construction Ready Program.

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