HB NEXT Shares Their Knowledge at KSU

For decades, HB NEXT has served the construction industry from training employees on their jobsite to the classroom for industry professionals to increase their skills.  HB NEXT is also known for industry-leading cloud-software solutions since 2005. In 2011, Matrix Engineering partnered HB NEXT to create a cloud-based software platform to streamline the hectic CMT reporting and communication process. This software allowed special inspectors and testing technicians to access critical data while determining compliance, project plans and specifications.

Recently, HB NEXT visited KSU and spoke to construction engineering students about this product, the dire need for more technology solutions in the industry, and the need for young, enthusiastic professionals that know how to use it. “It is critical today’s students understand the importance and the value of a cloud-based software solution while working in the field, especially in today’s rapidly growing construction technology landscape” comment Andrew Middlebrooks. This presentation provided insight into field technology and the importance of construction inspection management to ensure compliance, quality assurance, safety, and control protocols are met.

As the construction industry continues to grow, it is critical that construction firms understand how the customizable software solutions can assist their teams in their day to day operations. As firms hire younger aged employees, their desire to have access to software resources plays an important role in their daily work. Universities across the United States are opening more study opportunities as opportunities continue to open in the construction industry.

HB NEXT is here to help construction firms navigate the myriad of software options available in order to choose the right one for their operation! Contact HB NEXT today.

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