Which Training Style Is Right For You?

HB NEXT is proud to offer two different training styles to accommodate your individual or company’s preferences and needs. All training is done in a face-to-face manner, in-person classes.

Benefits for Public Classes

  • Most popular courses are offered
  • Open enrollment class options from a posted class schedule
  • Great option for additional individual training
  • Cost effective for a few attendees

Benefits for Booking a Private Class

  • Small groups or large groups
  • Private classes may tailor a specific  subject matter towards your crew.
  • Client may pick date and location
  • Typically the price is lower (Classes are priced in groups up to 10, up to 15 etc.)

How does your company utilize a rainy day? Reserve rainy days for your employees to receive training. Ask HB NEXT for a list of classes that you may reserve.

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